"I think my fans respect what I'm doing. It has a sort of integrity. It really is me up there doing it, jumping off the buildings with nothing to land on, rolling out of moving cars. It gives the movie more realism. I have to do my own stunt work, if not for the audience, for myself." (Jackie Chan)

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Hier sind Jackie Chan's beeindruckensten Kampfszenen und einige Informationen dazu

Jackie's spektakulärste Stunts - die Top Ten Liste laut Jackie's Autobiographie

'Ich hoffe, dass die Leute nach meinem Tod sagen werden: Zuerst gab es Bruce Lee... und dann war Jackie Chan da.' (Jackie Chan)
"If the books of film history have all the names - Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Steven Spielberg and just a small note, Jackie Chan, then that's enough. I'm happy." (Jackie Chan)
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