ein BildMy First Time
auf dieser CD kommt Jackie etwas weniger rockig und eher romantisch daher. Enthält unter anderem zwei schöne Duette mit Sara Chen bzw. Tarcy Su

01 -
My Feeling (M)  (wav, 490 Kb)
02 - I Wish the Flowers Could Never Fade (M)  (realmedia, 180 Kb)
03 - The Reddish Face (T)
04 -
With You Through Every Moment (M)
05 -
So Transparent Is My Heart (Ming Ming Bai Bai) - Duett mit Sara Chen (M)  (wav, 637 Kb)
06 - A Vigourous Aspiration In My Mind (M)
07 - The Betel Nuts Beauty (T)
08 -
You Are a Lover in My Dream (M)
09 -
Every Moment in My Life - Duett mit Tarcy Su (M)
10 - The End (M)

My Feeling

Soon you are gone
Your name I cannot speak
Up the street, the people crowd
I feel lonely, I cannot feel your energy.

Last night you were soft and gentle
I can still hear your sweet whispers in my head
It is not your fault that you had to leave
Your sadness is my fault

They say that losing love doesn't have to hurt
But how can you not know the sorrow I feel?
I plead for mercy without hatred but don't make me beg
How your sincerity has changed to destroy me.
I hear rumors casting blame

If only your thoughts could show your feelings
That sadness allows the darkness to stay.
Again, tonight on the street corner
I stand alone and wait.

'Ich hoffe, dass die Leute nach meinem Tod sagen werden: Zuerst gab es Bruce Lee... und dann war Jackie Chan da.' (Jackie Chan)
"If the books of film history have all the names - Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Steven Spielberg and just a small note, Jackie Chan, then that's enough. I'm happy." (Jackie Chan)
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